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Help AEYL Enrich the Lives of Young Men & Women in our Community

Everyday thousands of youths are failed by our society. In today's culture our society generally does not teach youths that they should be strong, noble, ambitious and eager to take responsibility. The Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership is here to change that in the lives of the young men and women they serve.

What is Sponsorship

What exactly is sponsorship and how can a your company benefit? Sponsorship is the financial or in-kind support of an activity, or organization primarily to reach specified goals. Through your sponsorship of AEYL you not only help us to better the young men in our area, you may also find commercial benefits from your involvement. How? Sponsorship is a form of advertising for your business or group. However unlike traditional advertising rather than being quantitative in its nature it is qualitative.

Benefits to You

  • Enhancing image/shaping consumer attitudes
  • Creating positive publicity/heightening visibility
  • Helping with good "Corporate Citizen" role
  • Enhancing business, consumer and VIP relations

Sponsorship Options

Athletic Event Sponsorship

The AEYL Athletic Program fosters teamwork and accountability through good sportsmanship. The AEYL athletic team participates in a number of area and regional events through out the year. As an athletic sponsor your support goes to:

  • Transportations
  • Event/Registration Fees
  • Equipment & Uniforms
  • Lodging - if required
  • Meals
  • Awards & Trophies

Athletic event sponsors will have their name and or logo added to the AEYL event banner that is on display at all events. Sponsor name and or logo included on printed materials for events during the calendar year. Option to be the sole or primary sponsor* for any one athletic event that AEYL attends.

Please contact AEYL for more information about sole event sponsorship by contacting us at
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Program Sponsorship

Programs Sponsorship is the easiest way to make a broad impact to the AEYL origination and our members. While most programs may not be as visible as athletics, our over all programs become building block for success for our members. Your support helps to provide:

  • Quality tutorial programs
  • Enrichment Outings
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Tools & Supplies
  • Tools & Supplies
  • Outreach and Community Services

Academic sponsors will have there name and or logo added to all media that is part of any public or publicised AEYL Academic event.

Academic sponsors also have the opportunity to speak as a guest with our members regarding their area of expertise.

A portion of all academic sponsor donations are applied to the AEYL Scholarship fund
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Sustaining Sponsorship

Our Sustaining Sponsors are the core of AEYL with a commitment to a monthly, quarterly, simi-annual or annual donation. Through these donations AEYL is able to achieve its main objectives. Sustaining Sponsors provide AEYL with funding, goods or services to meet our operational needs as well as special events, community outreach, mission programs and so much more.

Sustaining Sponsors receive:

  • Letter of Appreciation from AEYL
  • Top Sustaining Sponsors receive a wall hanging placard
  • Company logo and name listed on the AEYL web site./li>
  • Invitations to AEYL Events
  • A spot on the AEYL Board*
*AEYL Board representation is a rotating position between Sustaining Sponsors. Board position is per quarter. Board position is non-voting. To be eligible sponsor must be in a Sustaining Sponsorship role for a period of two (2) consecutive years.
Become a Sponsor

Product and Services Sponsorship

As important as monetary donations are to AEYL and any other non-profit, there are other ways to support the mission of AEYL. If your company, business, organization has a product or service that would benefit AEYL we would like to talk to you! Contact us today.

Our P&S Sponsors currently provide:

  • Food Services
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Apparel - t-shirts, hats etc
  • Printing and Design
  • Web & Internet
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